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Questions about where to buy and prices

Where can I buy a Majestic?

All Majestic products are available from selected bathroom retailers. For a retailer near you please contact us

Are the prices quoted VAT inclusive?


Where can I find prices?

Prices for Majestic shower screens in standard sizes and most bespoke sizes can be found in the brochure or from your bathroom retailer.

— Majestic Brochure Download

Some bespoke sizes are POA (price on application).
Please contact your bathroom retailer for these.

Questions about delivery

When can I expect my delivery?

Standard orders from the Frameless and Demi portfolios: 7–10 working days.

Bespoke orders from the Frameless Portfolio: 3 weeks.

Bespoke orders from the Demi Portfolio: 3–4 weeks.

What about replacement parts?

Demi Portfolio: 1–3 days.
Frameless Portfolios: 5–7 days.

Questions about glass colour, misting and sizes

What glass colours and finishes do you offer?

Majestic offers Clear, Opti Clear (low iron), Smoke Grey, Green and Blue. We can also mist glass to achieve your chosen level of discreetness.

Contact the office for a sample or speak with your showroom.

What is the standard height of the glass?

Frameless — 2000mm

There is no overall standard height for Demi, please refer to product pages.

What is the charge if we go over the standard height?

£60 per 100mm, per piece of glass.

Can you cut the glass to fit the angles of my bathroom?

Yes angle cuts are priced at £180. Majestic can also cut notches in the glass to adapt your new shower screen to existing furniture or architectural features, all at no extra cost. See our Beyond Bespoke pages for more details.

What size glass requires a support arm or ceiling bracket?

Any single piece of glass wider than 1000mm.

Questions about our metal finishes and adjustment

What metal finishes do you offer?

Our metalwork comes in a variety of specially chosen colours:
Chrome, Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Gold, Brass, Rose Gold, Light Bronze, Dark Broze and Black.

See Our Finishes for more details

What adjustment does each channel give?

See Our Materials for details.

Questions about measuring and fitting

Do you provide a measure and fit service?

Majestic offers an in house measure and install service to customers within London and the Home Counties. See Fitting Services for more details.

If you live outside the service area the showroom where you purchased your shower screen or tray will be able to assist you with a recommended local fitting service.

Where can I find the installation guides?

Installation guides can be downloaded from each individual product page.

Can I order my shower screen before the tray has been installed or the walls tiled?

We recommend that all shower screen measurements be taken once the tray is fitted and the walls and floor are tiled/ prepared.

How can I prepare for a hassle free fit?

Frameless glass is very heavy. We recommend a minimum requirement of 12mm thick ply behind waterproof plasterboard substitute wherever hinges, wall brackets and wall profiles are to be fixed.

Questions about ClearShield (anti-lime scale protection)

What is ClearShield?

ClearShield has been specifically developed to protect and maintain the glass surfaces of your shower screen from unsightly limescale and mineral deposit build up. This multi award winning system is applied to the glass, improving hygiene and making your shower screen easier to clean and looking like new.

Where can I find out more information on ClearShield?

How can I tell which side of the glass it has been applied to?

A notifying sticker is applied to the opposite side of the glass that has been treated. The treated side is silky to the touch. When you spray the glass with water and it forms small water droplets rather than streaks, then you know it’s the ClearShield side.

Can I use a regular bathroom cleaner on the glass if it has been treated with ClearShield?

To maintain the Majestic guarantee and preserve the patented limescale and mineral protection the aftercare glass cleaner provided should be used according to the instructions. Household cleaners should never be used.

Where can I buy the aftercare glass cleaner?

Aftercare glass cleaner and instructions for re-ordering and maintenance are included with your shower screen when you choose the ClearShield option. Re-order direct through the ClearShield Website

Questions about the guarantee

Is it true about the lifetime guarantee?

Oh yes, this includes all the glass and metalwork.
Plastic and rubber parts have a three-year warranty.
Please see our Terms and Conditions.