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How It Works

A guide to the installation process

Step 1 – Requesting a site survey

E-mail providing the following information:
Contact Details:
— Product Specification Details:
— Name
— Address
— Telephone number
— E-mail address (if possible)

Product Specification Details (for example):
— Rio DP 1000 – 1200mm
— Right Hand Hinge
— Chrome Fittings/ Clear Glass
— Underframe to Base
— 24mm Surface Profile to Wall
— Towel Rail Handle
— Anti-Limescale Glass Protection

Note: Do not worry if you do not have all the product specification details, we can fill in any gaps with you or your designer/architect on site at the time of survey.

Step 2 – Booking the site survey

Our installations co-ordinator will raise two pro-forma invoices for the work required, one for measure and one for installation, and e-mail them to you along with our Installations Checklist which sets out our requirements to ensure a successful order process.

Once the Pro-Forma invoice for the measure is settled and the Installations Checklist has been signed and returned our installations co-ordinator will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for the site survey.

Step 3 – Confirming the order

Once the site survey is complete Majestic will send you a finalised retail quote for the product including the complete specification. Please provide this information to your chosen bathroom retailer who will then place a purchase order for the product with Majestic. We are able to send the quote and specification direct to your bathroom retailer if you provide us with their details.

At this stage we require that the Pro-Froma invoice for the installation is settled. Once this is done and a purchase order for the product has been received by Majestic we will be contact you to arrange a prospective installation date. We will always aim to install on the prospective date provided, however due to the bespoke nature of our product this date may be subject to change. Majestic will notify you of any necessary changes to the date of installation at the earliest possible opportunity.

Step 4 – Installation

When the shower screen has been manufactured we will contact you to confirm the installation appointment. Please ensure that someone is present at the property on the day of installation as all work carried out by our engineers must be signed off by the customer/customer representative.

Installation check list