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Product Description

Deceptively simple, the Archangel hinged leaf will fold back flush to the interior of the fixed panel producing the widest possible access.

With its minimal seal our latest screen contradicts the common convention of fixed wall panel design. Hugely versatile, we designed and built it the way you want it.

Bespoke Options

You can creative a unique version of our Archangel enclosure by selecting from our bespoke materials below. You can choose from our range of superb glass, elegant material finishes and bespoke handles.

[B] Denotes Bespoke option

[S] Denotes Standard option

Installation Guide

Archangel Download

Brochure Download

Majestic Brochure Download


Available Glasses

(All options available misted or with modesty band)

  • Clear Glass

    [S] Clear Glass

  • Opti Clear

    [B] Opti Clear

  • Smoke Grey

    [B] Smoke Grey

  • Green

    [B] Green

  • Blue

    [B] Blue

  • Art Glass

    [B] Art Glass

Our glass range offers a spectrum of colours and design options. Clear, Opti Clear, Art Glass, Grey, Green, Blue, Bronze.

Available Finishes

(Roll over to see metal finish in-situ)

  • Chrome

    [S] Chrome

  • Polished Nickel

    [B] Polished Nickel

  • Brushed Nickel

    [B] Brushed Nickel

  • Matt Black

    [B] Matt Black

  • Antique Gold

    [B] Antique Gold

  • Brushed Gold

    [B] Brushed Gold

Our metal work comes in a range of specially chosen colours. Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Antique Gold, Brushed Gold and Matt Black.

Available Handles

  • Long D Handle

    Long D Handle

  • Short D Handle

    Short D Handle

  • Finger Pull

    Finger Pull

  • Contour Handle

    Contour Handle

  • Towel Rail

    Towel Rail

Our Glass

ClearShield® has been specifically developed to protect and maintain your shower's glass surfaces.


Beyond Bespoke

Beyond Bespoke enables you to customize the designs to fit your space — from floor to ceiling.



  • 24mm Surface Profile

    24mm Surface Profile

    This surface mounted profile provides generous adjustment of 18mm for out of true walls.


  • 24mm Edgeless Recessed Profile

    24mm Edgeless Recessed Profile

    This discreet profile, set flush into the wall, achieves the ultimate minimal look.


  • 10mm Recessed Profile

    10mm Recessed Profile

    This profile sits within the floor tiles for the most minimal finish.


  • 17mm Surface Profile

    17mm Surface Profile

    More minimal than the 24mm version, this profile provides 10mm adjustment to compensate for out of true walls.


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