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Product Description

*Also available in black

Our versatile shower trays can be installed flush with the floor, flat to the tiled surface or raised on a leg set, making them suitable for any shower environment.

Made in Britain to exacting standards, the trays are double dipped and spend longer in the mould to create sharp corner radii and crisp, straight edges. Tight tolerances ensure consistency in size and a level base to within 1⁄2mm making installation easy. A special powder design makes them up to 15% lighter than most stone resin shower trays with absolutely no sacrifice in strength.

Installation Guide

Shower Tray Installation Guide Download

Sizing & Price List

Majestic Shower Tray Price List Download

Why Majestic

Since 1968, Majestic has been leading the way in premium glass shower screens and enclosures.


The Shard

The Shard succeeded in redefining the London skyline before it was even completed.


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