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The Art of Showering

Our Materials

The Beauty
in the Detail

Our designs are an evolution of experience and ingenuity. We are committed to perfection – continually refining, testing and innovating our designs. 

It’s the hidden detail and elegant results that endure. Our shower screens offer the best in style and function; beauty and performance, it’s the accuracy of our engineering that brings the two together in perfect balance.

Majestic Tali

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Frameless and Essential Fittings

One of the defining features of a Frameless Majestic shower screen is the hinge. The iconic flat landscape design is unmatched both in terms of style and function. This heavyweight fitting is fully adjustable, with its unique bias mechanism providing positive pressure and perfect door closure every time. 

Our hinges and brackets are all made in precision engineered solid brass, plated to the finish of your choice. Support arms and stay bars are composed of high purity stainless steel, Grade 316.

Key to images

01 Ceiling bracket

02 Frameless glass to wall hinge

03 Frameless glass to glass hinge

04 Oslo support arm

05 Glass to glass bracket

06 Glass to wall bracket

07 Sliding door rail

08 Essential glass to glass hinge

09 Essential glass to wall hinge

Support bars

10 Glass to glass

11 45º glass to wall

12 90º glass to wall

Majestic Showers Ceiling Bracket
Frameless glass to wall shower hinge
Glass to glass shower door hinge
Oslo arm detail
Glass to glass bracket
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