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Possessing an engaging powerful luxury this unit will not fail to delight the senses. Step boldly inside and escape into a world of opulent beauty, form and function. Available hinged from the wall, centre or corner post the design possibilities are limitless. Guaranteed watertight.

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Como Corner DPR & PDR

Standard Details

  • Door-panel-return or panel-door-return
  • 2000mm high
  • Clear glass
  • Chrome components
  • Maximum door width 1000mm
  • Anti-Calcium coating as standard
  • Watertight
  • Positive closure with ball catch
  • Manufactured steam proof ready
  • Maximum height 2200mm
  • All aluminium frame construction
  • 15mm adjustment to front and return


NamePortfolioStyleSize (mm)CodePrice (inc VAT)
ComoDemi FramedPDRUp to 1000 x 1400DF-PDR<1000X<1400£3,805
Up to 1400 x 1400DF-PDR<1400X<1400£4,030
Up to 1800 x 1400DF-PDR<1800X<1400£4,185
Up to 1000 x 2000DF-PDR<1000X<2000£4,405
Up to 1400 x 2000DF-PDR<1400X<2000£4,630
Up to 1800 x 2000DF-PDR<1800<2000£4,785
DPRUp to 1000 x 1400DF-DPR<1000X<1400£3,805
Up to 1400 x 1400DF-DPR<1400X<1400£4,030
Up to 1800 x 1400DF-DPR<1800X<1400£4,185
Up to 1000 x 2000DF-DPR<1000X<2000£4,405
Up to 1400 x 2000DF-DPR<1400X<2000£4,630
Up to 1800 x 2000DF-DPR<1800X<2000£4,785
Extra Height£400



Como panel door return left hand

PDR Left Hand

Como panel door return right hand

PDR Right Hand

Como door panel return left hand

DPR Left Hand

Como door panel return right hand

DPR Right Hand


Round DRound DRound
Towel Rail


Glass TypePrice (inc VAT)
Opti Clear£420
Acid Etch£540
Component FinishPrice (inc VAT)
Matte Black£525
Demi Framed Finish Collection£1,150
- Nickel, Brushed, Polished and Aged
- Brass, Brushed, Polished, Bright and Aged
- Black, Matte
- Black Chrome, Polished
- Bronze, Brushed, Oil Rubbed and Aged
- Copper, Brushed, Polished and Aged
- Gold, Polished

Please see Our Finishes for full details of the special finish offering

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